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» » Eco-friendly healthcare company Dassiet revolutionises fracture treatment with new product line UCAST

Eco-friendly healthcare company Dassiet revolutionises fracture treatment with new product line UCAST

Today, the materials company Dassiet is launching UCAST – a product line targeted towards hospitals and health centres, making fracture treatment faster and safer both for the patient and nursing staff. Thermoplastic UCAST cast takes only about 5 minutes to apply, while a traditional cast can take up to 30 minutes to prepare. UCAST splints are made of completely non-allergenic and non-toxic materials, and the medical staff does not need to protect themselves for casting. The splint is light-weight, breathable and unobtrusive to the patient.

The UCAST splint is made of the wood composite material called Woodcast, which has already been used in hospitals in Finland and around the world for more than 10 years. Woodcast is also used in the field of veterinary medicine, including institutions such as the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Helsinki. The material is in widespread use in the medical field due to its safety and ease of use. UCAST, developed by casting professionals, will be a big step forward in trauma treatment. It is a breathable and non-toxic cast that removes the need to measure, cut and clean up during fracture treatment. UCAST also helps hospitals to fight against climate change, as the splint is completely biodegradable, and the fabric can be recycled.

Michael Lindroos, COO at Dassiet, is responsible for the product development and has created UCAST in cooperation with physicians, researchers and other casters.

“I have carried out the duties of a casting specialist since 1999. Patients’ wellbeing and proper treatment have always been my top priorities, which is why I have spent the past years developing UCAST to make the daily lives of my colleagues and the patient easier. UCAST consists of only two materials: thermoplastic Woodcast splint and padded fabric. Our innovative fabric completely replaces the stockinettes, paddings, bandages and tapes needed during casting. Units using UCAST spend less time on the procedure, which in turn can reduce the waiting time for patients. UCAST is an effective, fast and safe cast, which is something that I always wanted when I was working in a hospital”, Lindroos comments.

In addition to launching UCAST, Dassiet continues product and material development. Recently, the company acquired a leading US company OrthoPets, that produces animal orthoses. Improving veterinary treatment is one of the main focuses of the company. Furthermore, Dassiet offers various industries an opportunity to replace plastic parts with durable and ecological wood composite and biopolymer options.

The first products available in the UCAST product line include a wrist splint and a short thumb splint. Additional products for the treatment of upper and lower limbs will become available soon.

Additional information on UCAST products can be read at

Watch UCAST’s launch video:

More UCAST product images:

Additional information and interview requests:

Jimmy Takki
CEO, Dassiet
+358 50 575 7337

Michael Lindroos
COO, Dassiet
+358 50 466 4642


Dassiet is a materials company that was established in 2008. It develops efficient and ecological super materials for various industries, such as health care, sports, and technology. Dassiet is best known for its Woodcast wood composite, which has already been clinically used in fracture and trauma treatment around the world for more than a decade. Woodcast is an ecological, durable thermoplastic material that replaces plastic in many products and applications. Dassiet’s most recent innovations include support product lines UCAST and UPETS, which will revolutionize trauma treatment for both humans and animals.

Additional information about Dassiet’s products and team:

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